Golf Clothes – How to Keep Warm and Dry on the Course

golf clothes

Golf clothes are a great way to keep comfortable on the course. They help you stay warm and dry during inclement weather, but they can also add a touch of class to your game.

A polo shirt or sweater is the ideal piece of golf apparel, and they’re designed to stay tucked in for hours. Try a breathable cotton-blend pique like Bogner’s, or opt for a more lightweight fabric such as Radda’s Hypnotize polo that regulates moisture and wicks away sweat from the body. Then, invest in a few signature jackets and sweaters to complete your golf look.

Depending on the time of year, you may need to add a layer or two for warmth and comfort. Consider a sweater or light jacket for early spring and fall, or a wind shirt for cool winter days.

Collared shirts are the most traditional choice, but sleeveless tops or knitwear are also fine. Men have a wider range of options, but women need to stick with collared shirts – long or short sleeves – and turtlenecks that don’t expose bare shoulders.

Skirts, skorts or culottes are another golf-approved style and can be worn over your pants or shorts. You’ll want to avoid skirts that rise too high above the knee. If you have a tight waist, you might want to consider a belt.

Smart long trousers or slacks with belt loops are also allowed. You’ll need to check if this is acceptable at the course you’re playing at. Chinos or khaki are usually the most practical choices.

Shorts that are around the knee are okay, but make sure they’re tailored and long. Some clubs require long socks, while others let you wear any type of sock.

A good pair of socks is essential for golfing, and you should never be without a pair of no-shows or low-profile socks that cover your ankles. Socks that offer odor block, moisture-wicking properties and cushioning are best.

Footwear is essential for a successful round of golf, and you need shoes that fit well and are designed with performance in mind. You’ll need soft spike or spikeless shoes, which are made for gripping the course and absorbing impact.

The footwear you choose depends on the season and weather conditions, but you should always have at least one set of golf shoes in your closet for cold-weather rounds. If you’re not comfortable wearing boots, then a pair of waterproof shoes is an excellent option, as they can protect your feet from the elements and also give you added traction and stability on the course.

You can wear sandals or thongs, but you should avoid flip flops and sneakers. These aren’t approved by many golf courses and can get in the way of your swing.

During a round of golf, you’ll be surrounded by other players and spectators, so you’ll need to look your best. Fortunately, golf clothing designers have taken this into consideration and have created plenty of options to suit your needs.

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