Golf Clothes – How to Dress Smartly For Your Round of Golf

golf clothes

Golf clothes are an essential part of any golfer’s wardrobe and whether you’re playing on a public course or a private club you need to dress smartly. You don’t want to look like a scruff or a golf bum!

Wear clothing that reflects your personality and style. Then you’ll feel confident when you tee off and be ready for your round of golf.

Shirts are the key piece of your golf outfit and it’s important that you choose a flattering style that fits properly. Ideally you want to find a long sleeved shirt that’s just a little longer than you’d normally wear, as this will keep it tucked in for repeated swings at the ball.

A collared button-down shirt is an ideal choice for men, and a sporty polo shirt or turtleneck works well for women. Depending on the weather you can also add a lightweight sweater or windbreaker to layer over your shirt for a casual, comfortable look.

Socks are also an essential part of your golf outfit. You need to find a good pair of golf socks that are designed to help with sweat and moisture, and that match your pants or shorts.

You can choose from quarter cut socks, no-show socks or a thicker pair that’s meant for wet conditions. These will absorb excess water from your feet and prevent slipping, which is a major concern for players who are walking or running 18 holes of golf.

Shoes are another important part of your golf outfit and you need to choose a good pair of shoes that are suitable for the game. You can wear soft spike or spikeless golf shoes, but you may also wish to consider a pair of trainers with good sole treads.

Avoid jeans on the course as it’s not always an acceptable attire and there are a lot of courses that prohibit them. This is particularly true for private clubs so double check the rules before you head out to play!

Ladies should also avoid halter tops, tank tops and sports jerseys that can be seen from the back. The main reason for this is that it could be difficult to see your elbow, which could make it harder for you to hit the ball straight.

Skirts are a popular option for women, but the bottom of the skirt should be above knee length – it should not go down to below the ankle. Capri trousers, skorts (a combination of a skirt and shorts) and long trousers are also fine.

Alternatively you can opt for a relaxed golf dress that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t restrict your swing. These are especially useful for warmer days as they’ll keep you cool and dry on the course.

A nice hat is also an essential part of your golf outfit as it can provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, while reducing glare. You can also find a wide range of golf hats that come in various styles and colors.

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