Golf Clothes For a Modern Man

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Golf is often viewed as an old man’s sport, but the sport is currently having a style revival with the help of a few forward-thinking brands. From classic polo shirts to tailored separates, many of the latest golf clothes are designed to feel like a modern take on traditional sportswear. For example, Bogner’s breathable cotton-blend pique is good at regulating moisture and the brand designs their polos with preppy striping on the collar and sleeves. If you prefer a more bold approach, check out The Upside’s green argyle shirt or the Hypnotize Polo at Radda which features Dry-Fit polyester that’s engineered to stretch naturally and block wind.

Another way to make sure you look your best on the course is by opting for a fitted golf pant. You’ll find these at a wide range of prices and in a variety of colors and fabrics. Whether you choose a tailored fit or slim-fit pant, the most important thing is that they move with your body as you swing the club.

A solid pair of socks is also a must-have for golfers and there are plenty of options out there to consider. From high ankle socks to trainer liner socks, the selection at Uniqlo will allow you to find a style that’s right for you. The brand’s stylish textiles and good value pricing make it a go-to for discerning men who want to keep their wardrobes simple.

Most golf clubs have strict rules about what you can and can’t wear on the course, and most of these revolve around what type of clothing is appropriate for a gentleman. Sweatpants and T-shirts are usually not permitted, as are jerseys and big banner advertisements on the front or back of a piece of clothing. A T-shirt with a collar is typically acceptable, and if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt, it’s important that the neckline falls above your elbows. You can also opt for a sweater or a jacket, though this is generally only an option in cold weather.

Despite the strict etiquette, there are a growing number of brands that are reviving golf’s image with timeless styles and fresh fits. Nike, for instance, has been focusing on sustainability and incorporating recycled materials into their products. PUMA has also been taking golf to the next level by pairing up with rising stars like Rickie Fowler and Kygo. And there are a few up-and-coming streetwear-focused labels that are making golf clothes feel like a cool new trend. In addition to the classic brands that have been around forever, check out the golf collection from Khaite, whose signature sweatshirts and polos feature golf-themed embroidery and chevron stripes. These are the perfect pieces for a golf outing with your friends or to wear when you’re meeting business associates for a round.

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