Golf Cart Cover – 3-Sided Track Style Sunbrella Canvas Cart Cover for 2014+ EZGO – Golf Bags, Utility Box or Rear Facing Seat

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We got you covered!

The 3 Sided Over the Top Sunbrella is made with acrylic canvas, an awning grade material chameleon style that is very durable. Designed to stand up to the elements and resist stains, this awning fabric has a stiff finish to maintain shape, color, and quality.

All of the Track Enclosures include a 3-piece removable/interchangeable solid valance.

SNAP OR WRAP – Unlike other 3-Sided Covers this product does not require you to remove the front window for install. The front of the cart cover can secure using 2 methods (both included).
SCREW SNAPS– Using the preinstalled snaps in the cover you can attach the cover directly to the front roof supports using the provided screw snaps.
WRAPS – This no drill option simply wraps around the front roof supports and is used to secure the front of the cover to the cart. No need to drill and can be removed at the end of the season.


  • 2 Side Canvas Curtains
  • 1 Rear Canvas Curtain
  • Pre-drilled Awning Tracks
  • Front Roof Support Wraps (No Drill Option)
  • Solid 3 piece Valance
  • Hardware and Instructions required for quick install
  • Free Shipping
  • 3 Year Warranty


    Ace’s Golf cart accessories with an unmatched 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Ace Golf Cart Covers is an official authorized DoorWorks Golf Cart Enclosures dealer. We are very knowledgeable about the different golf carts and the DoorWorks enclosures that fit them.

EZGO TXT 14+ STANDARD FIT: This 3-sided Ace Golf Cart Cover is specifically designed to fit an EGZO TXT 2014 golf cart and newer (2014. 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019). Confirm the front roof supports(poles) are 1” around and not 3/4″¾”. This sunbrella cart cover is made of quality canvas fabric that’s waterproof, non-fading, no-rip, and non tear. This DoorWorks golf cart cover fits EZGO TXT’s 54″ Top with 1″ front roof supports.
VERSATILE BACK PANEL: The back of this portable golf cart cover will fit great with golf carts that have Golf Bags, Rear Facing Seat or Utility Box set up. A very versatile solution for all types of configurations. The 2-Sided Zippers allow easy access to the sweater basket, rear seat or utility box. Great for accessing your golf accessories. When not needed the back panel can be rolled up and stored under the rear valance.
INSTALL AT HOME: Slide on and Secure! This cart cover includes easy-to-install awning track with pre-drilled holes for easy measuring and attachment. Other Track Enclosures do not have pre-drilled holes which can make the installation difficult. With this DoorWorks Track Enclosure you can have this cart rain cover installed in less than 15 minutes, just install front roof support wraps, secure track, slide on panels and secure the hooks to the four corners of the golf cart and you’re ready to go
List Price: $329.00

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