Getting Stylish With Golf Clothes

golf clothes

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just looking to step up your game, there are plenty of ways to get more stylish while you hit the links. The golf apparel landscape is more robust than ever with new brands and cross-pollination between styles, so whether you’re rocking a hoodie on the course or simply want a new pair of slim chinos, there’s something for everyone out there.

The first thing to keep in mind when shopping for golf clothes is that despite the laid-back nature of the sport, you’ll still need to adhere to some basic rules. In general, you need to wear long trousers, such as khakis or chinos. Some courses may allow capri pants, but avoid wearing shorts that are too baggy or have a hemline that goes above your kneecap. It’s also a good idea to wear socks, but choose moisture-wicking options that won’t cause your feet to feel clammy while you play.

Aside from that, golf clothing should be lightweight and form-fitting to allow your body to move with ease as you swing at the ball. The key is not to overthink it, but rather to go for garments that fit well, look sharp and can be worn in a variety of settings (the golf club, the office or dinner at a restaurant). Aside from some traditional, OG golf brands, there are plenty of contemporary outfitters making stylish golf clothing right now. Some examples include Peter Millar, Calvin Klein and Lululemon, who all offer breathable, performance-driven fabrics that look as good on the course as they do at the gym or around town.

Uniqlo, which offers a full range of golf-specific garments designed in collaboration with professional golfer Adam Scott, is another option for men and women seeking fashionable yet functional clothing. These pieces combine the look of a tailored suit with the performance features you’d expect in a golf shirt, including stretch fabric and an anti-odor finish.

There’s also a wide selection of golf accessories hitting the market that elevate your gear from the mundane. For instance, Metalwood Studio carries boxy polos that look just as good on the course as they do at your favorite restaurant. But the brand’s range doesn’t stop there: They also have camo hats and vintage-inspired headcovers.

And lastly, don’t forget to complete your ensemble with a belt. Golfers are notorious for letting their pants hang down, but this often leads to tripping and embarrassing moments. A simple, functional belt will help keep your pants tucked in even after repeated attempts to hit the ball.

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