Getting Dressed For Golf

What you wear on the golf course is more than a fashion choice, it affects your physical and mental performance. You need to be warm and dry, and have comfortable clothes that move with you as you swing. There are a number of brands hitting the golf scene that blend high-performance with style. Some are even aimed at the younger generation who may not have seen golf being played by their parents. For golf to continue growing it needs to inspire young boys and girls to pick up a club. It could help if the antiquated dress code was modernized, but that wouldn’t mean knee-high socks and collared shirts – it means a guide to attire that’s practical and still keeps golf’s identity as a serious outdoor sport.

If you’re looking for a premium, peak performance golf brand then Hugo Boss is the name to look out for. Their line of golf polos includes innovative fabrics, different fits, collar options and more. You can also find their polos in a range of colors to suit your own personal style.

For something more casual, US retailer Cole Haan is another option. They have a wide variety of golf trousers and shorts that are designed to be comfortable and flattering on the body. You can also find golf t-shirts, hoodies and jackets to complete the look.

Getting dressed for golf is all about layering. Whether you’re playing in hot weather or cold, having the correct clothing can improve your performance. The base layer of a golf outfit is often made from synthetic or natural fibres like Merino wool to reduce abrasion and increase comfort. These are also breathable and moisture-wicking, which is important for keeping you cool.

The mid layer of golf clothing is important as it helps to regulate your temperature depending on the weather conditions. When it’s warmer, you’ll want a lighter mid-layer to keep you cool and comfortable. The golfers that have been around for a while know that a light windbreaker or fleece is perfect for colder weather to keep you warm and protected.

Uniqlo’s Kando golf apparel is a great example of how you can combine style and performance. These pants and shorts are designed to look as formal as a pair of trousers but are made to perform on the golf course. The fabrics used are breathable, moisture-wicking and have thermal properties to help you stay cool and comfortable.

There are a few brands that are really focusing on the youth of golf and making them feel at home. Malbon is a leader in this and has a fun, playful branding. Then there’s Bogey Boys, founded by Grammy award winning rapper Macklemore, whose t-shirts and hats are a nod to vintage styles while looking contemporary.

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