FREESHOT 3.15 inch Long Golf Tees Pack of 3, Durable and Unbreakable, Golf Accessory, Golf Lover, Golf Gift, Orange Color

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Product Description

on course golf freeshoton course golf freeshot

We are golf lovers! We have been researching for years for a more comfortable and perfect golf game. The FREESHOT will give you a professional golf experience. Focus only on the game with the FREESHOT product! Improve your golf skills! The FREESHOT always strives for a better golf game.


Golf long teeGolf long tee

FREESHOT golf long teeFREESHOT golf long tee

Bounce Back Golf long tee

There is a special line connected to the tee head inside the tee body. The unique design of the FREESHOT golf tee allows the header of the tee to bounce back naturally when the golf club hits the tee.

Through this, golf tees can be durable without worrying about breaking or being damaged, and there is no need to worry about losing them. Using golf tees can also help you hit the ball farther and avoid damaging golf equipment and grass.

Stable Golf long teesStable Golf long tees

Stable and easy to use Long tees

The top of the FREESHOT Long tee is recessed, making it easier to place the golf ball. Golf will not roll, serve more accurately. From the beginner to professional golfer, can easily use the FREESHOT Long tee.

Also, because the color of the header part of the FREESHOT golf tee makes it easy to see anywhere, anytime so there is no need to worry about losing it on the golf course.

FREESHOT Golf Long teeFREESHOT Golf Long tee

The BEST Golf Accessories for Golf lovers

We are the expert of Golf! Over 10years we try hard to Improve the Golf experience. We want to Make the Golf more simple and easy to play. With FREESHOT you can experience whole different level of Golf experience. Less Golf tee, Less stressed with carrying a lot of Golf accessories.

Better Game, Better Hit, Fun Golf with FREESHOT.

✅STRONG and LIGHT: FREESHOT Long TEEs are made of special plastic, so they are super light. You don’t have to worry about break, our research and tests keep FREESHOT Long Tees super solid. You can enjoy your golf game!
✅Unbreakable Golf Tee: FREESHOT Long Tee have unique bounce-back style. If you hit the FREESHOT Golf tee it will smoothly bounce back with your swing. Don’t worry for break you can use this golf tee with whole golf game.
✅COLOR: Orange FREESHOT golf tees are easy to find during you are enjoying a rounding, golf game and the tees fly off. Enjoy outdoor golf and find golf tees quickly!
✅PACK: 3 in one pack
✅ Best Golf Gift: FREESHOT golf tee is the best golf gift to golf lovers and golf beginners. FREESHOT golf tee will make their golf experience better!
List Price: $14.99

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