Freedom Pursuits Golf Cooler Bag Plus 2 Ice Packs – Keeps Drinks Cold for Hours – Holds 6 Beer Cans or 2 Wine Bottles – Fits Discreetly in Golf Bags – Insulated Beer Sleeve and Cooler

Why should you Buy this Golf Cooler Bag? Savoring a cool beer on a hot golf course is one of life’s simple pleasures and the Freedom Pursuits golf cooler bag has been designed with just this in mind. This small, discreet cooler bag fits comfortably in the pocket of most golf bags. It comes with thick insulation and 2 bag length ice packs between which you can sandwich your drinks keeping them deliciously cool. All of which helps you to get the most out of a perfect (or not so perfect!) round of golf whilst staying refreshed and hydrated. Quick Points about the Freedom Pursuits Golf Cooler Bag – Keeps Drinks Cold for 6-8 Hours– The thick insulation and 2 bag length ice packs keep drinks refreshingly chilled – Fits in the Pocket of Most Golf Bags – The cooler bag can be hidden discreetly out of sight and out of the hot sun – Plenty of Space for Your Favorite Drinks – The golf bag cooler holds 6-8 cans or 2 wine bottles and its wide opening makes it easy to pack – Comfortable to Carry – The bag can be carried vertically or horizontally using its padded detachable shoulder straps or carry handle – Secures Easily – The top handle unclips so you can hang the bag from your golf cart or chair. This also makes it great for other outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, sailing or picnics – Convenient Front Pocket– Great for storing keys, tees or other small items – Use Round After Round – Strong seams and zippers means you can use it time after time
Keeps Drinks Refreshingly Cold – The high quality insulation and 2 free ice packs keep drinks refreshingly cool for 6-8 hours. Perfect on a hot day.
Quench Your Thirst Throughout the Round – This soft cooler bag holds 6 x 12oz or 4 x 16 oz cans so you won’t go thirsty during a game. It can also hold 2 wine bottles.
Save Money – Take your own beer and avoid paying high club prices.
Two Ice Packs Included – No ice is required as the free ice packs are highly effective at keeping drinks cold and avoiding messy leaks.
Easy and Discreet to Stow – Light and compact, this small cooler bag can be hidden in the side pocket of most golf bags
Use Round after Round – The high quality fabric and strong zippers mean that the cooler bag is long lasting and durable
Comfortable to Carry – The padded carry straps and handle allow the bag to be easily carried by hand or over the shoulder, $23.99, $23.99

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