Franconia, Veterans Golf Courses in Springfield open for the season

GolfBuddy Pro GPS – No Other Golf GPS Does It Better

When it comes to golf GPS systems, Golfbuddy Pro GPS is one of the most popular choices among many golfers. The amazing features it has, aesthetically packaged and presented in a gorgeous-looking unit, is well worth the price range it currently holds, pegged at $200 to $400. Originally created for real pro caddies, the GolfBuddy Pro GPS offers golf players the opportunity to enhance their skills and game performance; thus boost their confidence while on the golf course. This charming little piece of GPS device is such a versatile golf companion, you shouldn’t play golf without one. If you’re aspiring for better golf scores, you had better get your own GolfBuddy Pro GPS unit now.

Bad Technique And Stance May Be The Reason Behind Your Frequent Golf Injuries

Do you play golf very well whenever you get to play? Are you frequently plagued by injuries that prevent you from enjoying your came to the fullest? Do not conclude that you are plain unlucky or that your game is suffering due to lack of health.

Beginner At Golf – Start Small And Keep It Simple For Maximum Fun At The Course

Do you spend more time feeling conscious about others opinion about your game? Or do you spend more time focusing on your game? This is a very important question for beginners.

Take Bermuda Grass Seriously When Green Reading

Bermuda grass has heavier and thicker blades of grass which grow horizontally across the putting surface. This makes it harder to cut and the longer the blades are the more of an impact it will have when it comes to green reading.

Golf Swing Tips – Proper Balance Is Often Overlooked

Most golfers tend to focus on the mechanics of the golf swing, i.e. the grip, the swing plane, etc., and neglect one of the most important aspects of swing mechanics – Proper Balance. Proper balance in the golf swing is imperative and it’s why the PGA Tour Players look like their swing is effortless, all while producing awesome power and accuracy.

How to Play Out of a Water Trap – Some Simple Golfing Pointers

Playing out of a water trap. Before you do anything, determine what is underneath your ball. See what is below the water and ascertain whether you are hitting off sand or a rock bed before you take the shot. Swinging into hard surface can be dangerous, sometimes it is better to walk away.

Should Men and Women Golfers Play Together in a Match Play Format?

I think it would be exciting to have teams of men and women competing on the same course at the same time. Some of the women playing on the LPGA Tour today hit the ball just as far as many of the male PGA pros and their short games are often just as good if not better. Such a format might generate large crowds enjoying the rivalry between players and fans from both tours. The male fan who doesn’t watch the LPGA on television might also develop an appreciation for the female players which in turn might help the LPGA gain larger purses and increase the number of tournaments.

Use Your Practice Swing to Rehearse Impact

Most of us take a practice swing before we hit the ball. Before a short shots, two or three. But what is it that you’re practicing when you take a practice swing? Probably not the thing you should be.

Break 80

Have you been wondering how to break 80? Skilled, committed players often get to a point where this becomes the magic-and elusive-number. Ask 20 professional golfers how to break 80, and you will probably get 20 distinctive responses. Below, we’ll explore just one of those solutions.

Jamie Anderson

When people think of golf professionals today, they often think of money, fame, fortune, and the eternal adoration from fans throughout the remainder of their life. The money that is thrown at professional golfers today is sometimes obscene, but with the marketing revenue generated and the draw of millions of golf fans around the world, one could argue that they earn every penny. For the early pioneers of golf, or at least some of them, anyway, this wasn’t the case and the story of Jamie Anderson, a British golf legend, ended in poverty, buried in an unmarked grave next to his son who had passed away in 1963.

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