Fixing the Most Common Short Game Mistakes

Public Golf Courses – A Really Fun Game

Public golf courses may be easier to find than you might expect. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and as such there are courses spattered about from one place to the other. Unlike most other sports, golf must be placed on specified courses, which are on huge plots of land. This very factor that would make you assume they would be easy to find is what often makes them difficult to come across.

Golf Cart Heaters

Golf cart heaters are part of the important accessories that golf cart owners would like to have. They give a lot of comfort on a chilly morning or late evening and it has now become a must have for a golf player.

Golf Driver – 3 Branded Golf Club Collections

Razor golf introduces its new Carnivore Mutation Driver and Fairway Woods which uses the principle of placing the centre of the concentration of mass directly in line with the centre of the impact zone. This means a greater portion of the head weight is pushed out farther from the centre of gravity creating a higher moment of inertia, thus lowering a clubhead’s ability to twist during off centre hits.

Golf Slice Instruction For Beginners

Slices are usually things done accidentally. It is a difficult shot to make, though professionals can do it to suit their needs. Many beginners surprise themselves and do the shot, though they do not do it when it is needed or wanted.

Wilson Golf Clubs – Knowing Your Game Better

There’s never been a day of golf that I wasn’t dissatisfied with my performance before I bought myself my own set of Wilson Golf Clubs. I decided to use this brand because I grew frustrated of losing to a friend of mine who had a set himself over and over again. He couldn’t stop teasing me that the reason I was always losing because of the inferior clubs I was using.

Who Are the Top 5 Mental Golfers of All Time?

Here is our list of the greatest masters of golf psychology of the mental golf techniques they have used: 1. Jack Nicklaus – Possibly the greatest mental golfer of all time. Top of the list with 18 major wins, Jack is known for playing calm, collected mental golf.

2 Deadly Putting Drills For Golf – Improve Your Feel For Distance Around the Green

Any golf pro worth his salt will tell you that the quickest way to lower your handicap is through improving your short game. In particular your feel for distance around the green.

Improve Your Putting Through Visualization

The top golfers have been using visualization for years to improve their putting game and if you are looking for ways to improve your putting this may very well be the component that you are looking for. Now I am not going to say you need to take it as far as Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack, but it is essential that you incorporate visualization skills into your golf game in order to knock off those extra strokes. When you hit the green what you need to do is go into the routine that will give you the best…

Women’s Golf Shoes – Look Good While You Golf

Women’s golf shoes are an important part of women’s golf attire. They are built in women’s sizes and are ideally suited for their sense of style. All the big name athletic equipment manufacturers have a label that is especially geared toward them.

Golf Accessories – 4 Must Have Golf Accessories

Do you have arthritis? If so, the new Bionic Pro Glove may be of value to you. This thin glove with Bionic technology is designed especially for golfers with arthritis, as it helps to relax your grip to help generate increased club head speed.

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