Farmstead Golf Links Near Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Golf Course Community Offers Privacy and Security

There is a golfing community built around a golf course in nearly every state in the country, as well as many foreign lands, often allowing only the residents and their guests to play the course. In some areas the community is often gated and secured from outside visitors, insuring not only the security of the homes but also the integrity of the course. Homeowners, their immediate families and a few selected guests that are accompanied by the homeowners are typically the only ones allowed in the community as well as on the greens.

Golf Practice Tips – The First Steps to Learning Golf

Golf has been a popular sport among men and women and in fact, young and old are also into golfing. If you want to learn this particular sport, it is important to keep in mind the correct way of doing everything – from the stance to the swing, to the proper hitting of the ball.

The Physics of a Golf Swing – Maximizing Your Swing

For any golf enthusiast studying the physics of a golf swing, who would not know the great Moe Norman? He is one of the most iconic and recognizable golf players of his generation. He has a distinct way of playing the game. He was unconventional on his styles but the more important thing is that it works well with his body mechanism. Playing like Norman could be extremely challenging to others but you really do not need to do that in order to win.

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Proper Clothing For the Golf Course

Golf is a game of competition, fitness and fun with friends. However golfers need to deck themselves out with the necessary equipment, eg. golf clubs, and accessories required to play the game. And this includes what to wear. Read on for some ideas.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


What If the “Magical” Or “Secret” Golf Swing Tips Really Existed? – Where Would You Search For Them?

When it comes to the search for the best online golf tips, people are often overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available nowadays. Is there, or is there not the one “Magical” or “Secret” golf tip that will take our games to the next level?

The Proper Golf Swing – Tips to Master Your Golf Swing

The golf swing is one of the crucial things in golf that you have to learn correctly. If you learn the swing badly from the start, you may develop errors with it in the long run and it may be hard to correct if you have developed the habit.

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How to Swing a Golf Club Correctly – 3 Great Tips For a Better Swing

Want to know how to swing a golf club correctly or get a better swing action? Then this article is a great starting place to find information that can help you.

Learn Golf Swing Drills From Personal Trainers – Tips on Hiring the Best

Remember the days when you thought golf is simply a game of hitting the ball with the golf club? Now that you are learning some golf swing drills, you realized that it’s much more difficult than other sports you tried. Well, you’re not alone. Most people underestimate golfing only to be overwhelmed of the game in the end.

The Physics of a Golf Swing – Unique Golf Swing

Having a great golf swing is really the goal of any golfer. With a good swing, you will have more control of the game. It will also allow you to understand more about the physics of a golf swing and the dynamics of the game.

Forget the Club If You Want to Hit it Farther

Driving the ball farther has been an obsession with all golfers. The golf equipment manufactures have picked up on this and every new driver they come out with they will tell you that you will hit it “X” yards farther.


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