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The Perfect Golf Swing – Or As Close As You Can Get

If you are having trouble making par at the golf course, trouble might be you aren’t using the proper golf swing. While you can surely take a swing at the ball with the club by any means that works for you, there is still a technique that can improve on your score. Step 1: You will want to look around you and find the best place to align yourself with the target you are looking to make.

Golf Swing Mechanics – Staying on Track With the Ball

A golf swing is based on physics and if a golf swing is broken, you have to look to golf swing mechanics to fix it. Although the notion behind hitting a ball long and straight seems simple, the mechanics on the swing can seem complex for the beginner. The notion; nevertheless isn’t to complicate it anymore than needed.

A Golfer Who Can Putt Well is a Match For Anyone

There is no one way to putt correctly and even professional golfers change the mechanics of their golf putting from time to time. If your golf putt is already good then do NOT change it. However, if you feel you could improve on it then the first thing you might consider is changing your putter.

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Why You Should Take a Golf Swing Lesson

Several folks consider that the purpose why they are hitting the golf ball offline is since their clubface isn’t square at the time of impact. You may possibly think that it can be either being hooked or sliced instead and thus a golf swing lesson can be very valuable.

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How to Stop a Slice – Check Your Stance

Eradicating the slice from your game is not easy to do, however, checking your stance is a great way in helping to stop a slice in your swing. Check out this great tip to help keep you on the fairways and hit more greens in regulation.

The (Golf) Shot Heard Around the World

Gene Sarazen’s double eagle (albatross) on the 15th at Augusta National in the 1935 US Masters. Dubbed “the shot heard around the world” it has gone down in folklore.

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Get Behind the Golf Ball

If you are struggling with the weak shot out to the right, and you are right handed, you are going to want to read this entry. Obviously if you are a lefty, and you are struggling with shots being played to the left, you will want to read this entry as well.

Common Golf Shots – Definitions

Golf Shots in general can be categorised into the following types of shots: Approach: – Any ball struck from the fairway to the green is termed an approach shot. Usually this is taken with an appropriate iron for the distance required.

Booking Ideal Golf Course Tee Times

Virtually all major private and public golf courses now make it easy to book online tee times over the World Wide Web. In addition to available golf tee times, you’ll also be able to learn about the course (if you’ve never played there), and often may find valuable discounts that are available only to those who book tee times online.

How to Stop a Slice – With a Big X

Yes, ok, let’s give it the X treatment. How to stop a slice, with an X. Picture a thick black line on the inside of your left forearm, from the centre of your palm through the centre of your forearm…


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