Easiest Way to Improve Your Golf Game?? // New Putter Fitting at Club Champion

Did you know that putts account for about 40% of your strokes? So technically you can improve 40% of your golf game just by getting a better putter! September is “Putter Fitting Month” at Club Champion, my official club fitting partner, so I figured what better time to get fit for a new putter.

I ended up with………. The EVNROLL ER5 with the hatchback black finish! Check it out here: https://evnroll.com/er5-hatchback-black.html/

It looks SO good. And obviously putts great too. Here are my specs (although like I always say, everyone is different so you need to find what works best for YOU):

Length: 33in with stock FST stepless shaft
Grip: Stock Evnroll flat front oversized putter grip
Loft: 1.5 degrees
Toe Hang: 30 degrees
Lie Angle: 70 degrees

If you get inspired to get fit for your own new putter, you can use the code PAIGE2020 between September 1 – 30, 2020 to get a FREE putter fitting ($100 value) with the purchase of a new putter. Book here: http://bit.ly/PAIGE2020


As a disclaimer, Dynamic Brands, who own Evnroll, is also a sponsor on this video. However, I genuinely did love their putter the most! The numbers in the fitting speak for themselves. I always want to be transparent with you guys, but I also want you to know that I only work with companies that I genuinely use and love.

Check them out here: https://www.dynamicbrands.com


While I did really like my old putter, I felt like I maybe wasn’t as consistent as I could have been, especially in the 10-15ft range. As you’ll see as I take you through my fitting, with a few tweaks we were able to make some really great improvements. Club Champion uses the SAM PuttLab to measure at least 28 parameters of your stroke, which helps them dial in everything from putter length and weight, to metrics like toe hang, loft and more. I think you’ll learn a lot by watching this fitting!

Have you been fit for a putter before? Did you see an instant improvement to your golf game? Let me know in the comments!


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