Dynamic Discs Handeye Supply Co Bindle Disc Golf Bag | Introductory Disc Golf Bag | Great for Beginners and Casual Frisbee Golf Rounds | Lightweight and Durable | 8-12 Disc Capacity

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Handeye is that feeling that all of us are chasing with each throw. It’s a puzzle set before you that will challenge your mind and body. It’s a highly addictive quest that will test those mental and physical limitations.

Hand handeyeHand handeye

What makes our products unique?

Handeye is my creative outlet. Discs are the canvas and my brain is the pallet.

Why do we love what we do?

The feeling you get with a perfect throw. That “harmony” your mind and body achieve for that one split second. It resonates with you and what you feel and do far after the round is over…you crave more and you want others to feel that energy too.


Handeye is many different things to many different people. Make Handeye mean something to you.


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Holds up to 12 Discs
Zipper Enclosed Pocket
Water Bottle Holder
Durable 16 oz. Canvas
Can be attached to you belt for a hands-free round!
List Price: $19.99

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