Drone Flyovers of Champions Golf Club: 2020 U.S. Women’s Open

30 Point Analysis of Golf Body Screen

Golf Body Screen offers a 30 point analysis of your golf swing to identify the reason why your swing is not perfect. It can help you take corrective measures and improve your game…

6 Simple Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing

Golf is a simple game. So I am going to give you guys the simplest way to improve your golf swing fast!

A Simple Golf Mental Training Tip That Can Help You Improve Your Golf Confidence

Golf mental training can help you improve your game. This article reveals a tip that you can add to your routine and seemingly gain confidence on demand!

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How to Fade a Golf Shot – Top Tips

Golf is a tricky sport to master and learning how to fade a golf shot can be frustrating. When making any shot, golfers must learn how to make adjustments. To learn how to fade a golf shot correctly, you need to learn how to work the ball left and right. The whole point of the game of golf is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.

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Golf Swing Plane Tips – Do You Really Understand What This Means?

It is important to understand what the term ‘the plane of the swing’ actually means. These golf swing plane tips will help clarify this.

How to Hit a 3 Wood – Hit It High Or Low and Make It Go!

Fairways woods are a big problem for most golfers, and in this article I want to discuss how to hit a 3 wood. If you can learn to put your 3 wood in play off of the tee as well as hit it out of the fairway you will be miles ahead of your competition!

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Stop Pulling My Iron Shots – What Causes Pulled Iron Shots?

It seems that most articles discuss driving and putting, yet few discuss what comes in between, which of course is hitting your iron shots! Many people ask the question “how do I stop pulling my iron shots?” Today I wanted to share with you in this brief article a few drills that you can do in order to stop pulling your iron shots.

Control Your Swing – Golf Tips

Many golfers centered on understanding the skills and approaches upon actively playing golf. But the game can not just require the knowledge upon how to perform golf, that is also important to be able to ailment parts of your muscles and human body that is required inside the activity. A golf fitness strategy have to consist of exercises that should development flexibility, develop buff strength, assist in order to increase balance and coordination, and expand balance.

How Far Can Most People Hit With a Driver?

Hitting the long ball is something that every golfer enjoys doing! I am sure you know that guy or girl at your local course that can hit those massive drives, but those golfers are pretty rare. So, how far can most people hit with a driver?

Golf Swing Plane Drills – Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

Several golf players have a imperfect or discrepant swing. I loath to acknowledge it, but I am most likely one of them. For one to really get better, one should have a suitable swing plane on their golf swing. As I began searching for ways to improve my swing plane, swing rate and all, I found out about swinging on a better and more reproducible level.


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