Driver Setup: How to Increase Driver Distance (IMMEDIATELY)

A proper driver setup can be the difference between maximizing your driver distance and losing up to 30 yards off the tee.

Lower your golf handicap fast!

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Your Golf Driver and your 7-iron are 2 completely different clubs, so why do we still set up to them as if they are the same? Understanding some basic setup keys can help you add distance and accuracy to your driver in no time!

3 Keys to a Good Golf Driver Setup

Ball Position – with a driver, the ball is always placed on a tee. So we want to come into contact with the ball with a positive angle of attack. With irons, we want a negative angle of attack. Ball position is the easiest way to manipulate angle of attack, so make sure the ball is forward in the stance when hitting your driver. A good reference point is inside the lead arm or inside the lead heel in your setup.

Aim – this is probably a little bit contrary to what you have heard from some instructors, but we like to shade our aim to the right of our target (for right-handed golfers). Having a slightly closed stance to your target line will push that golf swing path more to the right, helping you draw the golf ball.

Body Angle – this driver setup tip is probably the easiest to do. When you set up to the ball, make sure your lead shoulder is a little bit higher than your trail shoulder. Also, have your lead hip bumped over your lead foot, which will help you hit up on the golf ball and slightly to the right.

Bonus Tip – if you are struggling with contact, simply take your driver setup, and then hover the driver just behind the golf ball. It may sound too simple to be true, but hovering the club slightly above the ground forces you to bear the weight of the golf club, which helps rhythm and tempo. It also sets the tone for swinging more through the golf ball.

Take these golf tips to the golf course and get your ball in the right spot, aim a little to the right with a little body tilt, and hover the club before making your golf swing, and you will start hitting longer, straighter drives in no time!

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