Divergent Discs 8-Disc Family Starter Disc Golf Set – Disc Golf Discs Set for Beginners

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Product Description

Divergent Discs Logo, disc golf, disc golf set, frisbee golf, disc golf starter setDivergent Discs Logo, disc golf, disc golf set, frisbee golf, disc golf starter set

divergent discs set with bagdivergent discs set with bag

Get Out and Play!

Nuno divergent lifestyleNuno divergent lifestyle The Best Starter Sets Available

Divergent Disc Starter Sets are very affordable and designed for new players as well as recreational players. Yet, the plastic is still high quality and won’t be easily destroyed by frequent use.

Great Value Great Fun Great Discs

Divergent Discs Focuses on Beginners and Recreational Players

Finally…Discs for the Rest of Us

Disc golf is a sport that is growing at an incredible rate and has a growing slate of competitive tournaments and pro players. But most of us just play the game because it is a lot of fun. We may not be the best and we may not need expensive discs that aren’t made for recreational players. For us, disc golf is a great way to get out, walk around, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with friends and family. We’re not all pros, and sometimes we just need discs that are easy to throw for all ages.

Many Sets Available for Every Recreational Need Some of the Most Affordable Discs While Maintaining Quality Discs Designed to be Easy-to-Throw for All Ages All Divergent Discs are PDGA Approved for Tournament Play

Divergent Discs Complete Max Grip SetDivergent Discs Complete Max Grip Set

Divergent Discs Complete MaxGrip Set with Starter Bag

Are three discs just not enough for your ambitions? If you want to jump into the game of disc golf with a complete collection of different discs for different flights, then this is the perfect choice! It has two different putters, two different midrange discs, plus four different drivers that range from understable (less end-fade) to overstable (exaggerated end-fade). Plus it comes with a Divergent Discs Starter Bag so that you can easily carry your discs around the course. All of these discs are designed to have different flight characteristics that will work great for novice to intermediate players, and all of them are PDGA approved.

Divergent Discs Starter SetDivergent Discs Starter Set

The Divergent Discs Max Grip Starter Set

This was the first starter set designed and released by Divergent Discs, and it features three of the best possible discs to get you started in the game. The Narwhal putter is an easy-to-throw, straight-flying putter that is equally handy for short approach shots. The Leviathan midrange is very fade-resistant and a perfect disc for beginners as they attempt to throw with a flat, straight release. The Leviathan is a distance driver that can handle more power for players who are trying to increase their throwing speed for maximum distance. All three discs are offered in quality, MaxGrip plastic for a combination of durability and a grippy texture.

Divergent Discs Max Performance Starter SetDivergent Discs Max Performance Starter Set

The Divergent Discs Max Performance Starter Set

The Max Performance Starter Set was added to the collection of excellent Divergent Discs sets because it offers a slightly more intermediate set of discs. The three discs in this set do not repeat from the “Max Grip Starter Set” so that you can have both sets and simply double the number of shot options that you carry in your bag. The set includes the Nuno professional level putter, the Kapre straight-flying midrange, and the Basilisk distance driver which is understable enough to avoid early fade-outs so that it can reach even further distances. It’s called the “Max Performance Set” because these discs should perform well for new and experienced players who want to add more quality discs to their arsenal.

Even More Sets from Divergent Discs – A Set for Every Need and Every Occasion

Divergent Discs 3-Disc Driver Booster PackDivergent Discs 3-Disc Driver Booster Pack

Divergent Discs 5-Disc Starter Set in MaxValue PlasticDivergent Discs 5-Disc Starter Set in MaxValue Plastic

Divergent Discs 3-Disc Glow-in-the-Dark Starter SetDivergent Discs 3-Disc Glow-in-the-Dark Starter Set

Divergent Discs 6-Disc Nuno Practice Putter SetDivergent Discs 6-Disc Nuno Practice Putter Set

3-Disc Driver Booster Set

Maybe you already have a starter set, but you want to add different driver discs for different kinds of throws. This is the booster set for you! You can add a Lawin distance driver, a Tiyanak easy-to-throw fairway driver, and a Minotaur fairway driver for more end-fade.

5-Disc MaxValue Set with Mini

Divergent Discs also has Max-Value plastic that is basic, more soft, and more affordable. A lot of players choose this option for new players who just want to try their hand at disc golf without the high cost. There’s 5 discs, plus, it comes with a mini marker disc!

3-Disc Glow-in-the-Dark Set

Sometimes it is fun to play at night, and these glow-in-the-dark discs will add to the fun. There is a Nuno putter, a Kapre midrange, and a Kraken driver so you’ll have everything you need in a starter set, with the added glow-in-the-dark feature.

6-Disc Nuno Putter Pack

The Nuno 6-pack is perfect for putting practice. You can get six putters so that you can practice in the backyard, or share with your friends. These are available in softer, grippy, Max-Value plastic.

Whether Playing Alone or With a Group, Divergent Discs Has You Covered

Divergent Discs Family Disc Golf SetDivergent Discs Family Disc Golf Set

Divergent Discs 2-Disc Starter SetDivergent Discs 2-Disc Starter Set

Golem and Alpas Rubber Disc Golf Discs with ImagesGolem and Alpas Rubber Disc Golf Discs with Images

Family Disc Golf Set with Putters and Drivers

Divergent Discs knows that sometimes families or larger friend groups want to start playing disc golf together. Now you can buy one set for a great value that features four Narwhal putters and four Kraken drivers, in four different colored sets. That helps you pass a basic putter and driver around so you all can get out and play!

Simple 2-Disc Starter Set

Maybe you’re a minimalist and just want two carry two discs in your hands on the course. This affordable 2-disc option will set you up with a straight-flying putter and a recreational distance driver to get you out on the disc golf course.

Fun Images on Fun Rubber Discs

Divergent Discs also has two different rubber discs available:

THE GOLEM — Overstable approach disc with a sharp end-fade.

THE ALPAS — Easy-to-throw, straight approach disc with no end-fade.

Plus you can get them with fun images!

PREMIUM PUTTERS AND DRIVERS – Disc golf starter set includes Narwhal (3,3,-2,0.5) disc putter set and Kraken (8,5,-1,2) long distance fairway driver
FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Play with friends, family, and other groups. Discs work well for kids of any age, junior champion players, youth clubs, or any disc golf player
BEST BEGINNER DISC GOLF STARTER SETS – Divergent Discs offers complete disc golf sets for beginners that can give you more distance and a straighter flight to improve your game
ESSENTIAL DISC GOLF PACKAGE – Each disc golf kit for beginners includes four color matching sets. Disc colors and weights may vary.
List Price: $59.99

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