Discmania Active Base Disc Golf Set – 6 Disc Set – Disc Golf Putters, Drivers, and Mid-Range Drivers (Colors Will Vary)

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Product Description

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Sensei Putter

sensei puttersensei putter

Flight Ratings: Speed 3, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 1

The Sensei is a low profile putter with an extremely flat top that fits great in any hand size. This putter has a neutral flight with a slight fade at the end, this creates a strong connection with the chains and helps keep the putting flight consistent.

Stable Disc Flight

The Sensei also doubles as a great approach shot, when thrown from further out the Sensei sails straight with little to no fade making this disc perfect for all types of approach shots.

Mentor Distance Driver

mentor disc golf drivermentor disc golf driver

Flight Ratings: Speed 11, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 2

The Mentor has been designed to optimize the distance players can get by combining a high speed turn and slow speed stability to make a distance driver that can be used by all players. The Mentor features the widest rim currently made in our Active lineup, which helps it to cut through the air and gives it consistent flight.

Slightly Understable

The Mentor gains more turn the faster it’s thrown meaning you can throw harder for more distance or throw softer for a more controlled stable shot.

Maestro Mid-Range

maestro disc golf mid-rangemaestro disc golf mid-range

Flight Ratings: Speed 4, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 2

The Maestro is a low profile midrange with a bead that helps flight as well as making sure the disc releases smooth from the hand every time. This midrange has a straight flight with a slight slow speed fade making accurate approach shots a regular part of your game.

Stable Mid-Range, Good Hand Feel

While most midranges have a larger diameter, the Maestro features the same diameter as drivers and putters making this disc fit more comfortably in the hand.

Genius Driver

genius drivergenius driver

Flight Ratings: Speed 7, Glide 5, Turn -4, Fade 1

Designed to flip and fly, the Genius has massive amounts of turn making this the optimal disc for beginners as well as anyone looking for a disc that can do more. Due to its unique flight characteristics the Genius is able to fill a variety of shots in the bag making this an optimal driver for any player.

Understable Driver

The Genius uses its massive turn to carve shots in the air, navigate tight lines, and even turn into a roller that tears down the fairway.

Magician Driver

magician drivermagician driver

Flight Ratings: Speed 6, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 2

The Magician is a stable fairway driver designed to give all players a fairway driver that can be trusted in all conditions. The Magician flies straight with minimal turn and a reliable fade at the end giving this disc a flight that can be trusted and repeated.

Stable Driver

The stability of the Magician allows it to be a great forehand approach disc in addition to its backhand capabilities. Rated at a speed 6, the Magician has a smaller rim that makes this disc comfortable for all hand sizes.

Shogun Putter

shogun puttershogun putter

Flight Ratings: Speed 2, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 2

Designed to withstand a good amount of power, this deep putter provides a comfortable ergonomic feel and reliable flight when thrown off the tee and for putt/approach.

Reliable Flight and Wind Resistant

The Shogun will provide relatively straight flight patterns with very minimal low speed fade, allowing it to withstand moderate wind resistance with point-and-shoot accuracy.

ACTIVE BASE PLASTIC – All of our Active discs are run in a plastic specially designed for its durability and hand feel. The Active plastic is the perfect balance between keeping the disc firm as well as soft to the touch meaning the Active baseline plastic always feels comfortable and natural in the hand.
DISC GOLF SET – Includes 6 discs: Sensei Putter, Mentor Distance Driver, Maestro Mid-Range Driver, Genius Driver, Magician Fairway Driver, and Shogun Putter
TRY THEM ALL, FILL YOUR BAG – Fill your bag with Discmania Active Base Plastic, a solid plastic blend that offers a great grip in all weather conditions. Wears gradually.
GET OUT ON THE COURSE – Includes a disc for every shot choice from the tee box to the basket
Colors Will Vary
List Price: $52.99

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