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Choosing the Right Golf Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinders are becoming more and more popular and that means there are more products than ever competing for your attention and dollars. There are GPS devices and laser devices. There are devices that provide basic information and there are those with lots of details.

Golf Tips For Beginner Golfers – Tips Guaranteed to Make You a Better Golfer

The best golf tips, are putting tips. Putting can contribute up to fifty percent of our strokes, and is the area of golf that we can quickly improve. Now my favorite tip, is the most confusing tip, and it can also be used in all areas of golf.

Learn to Control the First Tee Jitters

Put yourself in these shoes, and believe me I’ve been here. You’re driving to your home golf course for the weekend scramble and the only thing on your mind is the dreaded first hole.

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Attention Golfers! Is it Not About Time You Minded Your Language?

Do not underestimate the power your words have on your golf game. Just how supportive is your internal cheerleader really being as you plot your way around the golf course?

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


How to Hit a Golf Ball With More Drive and Less Strokes

After you have mastered your swinging abilities, you then need to focus your attention on how to hit a golf ball. Make sure that your body is properly aligned on the target line. A faulty alignment could lead to terrible shots and you have to do something about this quick so that this won’t be the reason for a bad game. When you know the direction of your target, you can align your club along with your shoulders and hips to that area.

Finding a Quality Golf Course

If you have ever gone out and had the opportunity to play a round of golf on a quality golf course, you can surely attest to the fact that it can be exhilarating. Finding a good golf course is something that can be very exciting.

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Are You Looking to Get Rid of the Golf Swing Slice? I Have Some Top Recommendations For You

Are you a golfer that is excited to play a round of golf before you tee up? How about during the game, are you just about ready to throw your golf club in the water? Does a lot have to do with your mechanics that is making you have the golf swing slice? Take a look at the recommendations for fixing the golf swing slice.

New and Beginner Golfers

If you have decided that golf is going to be the new sport you take up, you will want to know the rules for new and beginner golfers. This is a game that is not only fun and considered great exercise it is a game that has a great deal support and appreciation.

Selecting a Pre Shot Routine

Taking your time is obviously key to a steady and consistent stroke but too much time may lead to an influx of self-doubt as well. For maximum effectiveness, try keeping your pre-shot routine below 20-30 seconds at most. Here’s how I suggest you do this:

What If Phil Mickelson Had a Multi Purpose Golf Club Like the Two Way Chipper?

A few weeks back, Phil Mickelson had an awkward lie. His ball was next to a large bush and either he takes a drop or hit a wrong handed shot. He tried the wrong handed shot with one of his long clubs and the result was a disaster.


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