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Looking For Some Helpful Golf Tips?

Many people start out thinking that golf is a difficult game to excel at. It really is not if you are able to do one thing. Relax when you play. Don’t get all stressed out before a game, wondering about your performance. Most people play for fun and relaxation anyway, so start with the attitude that this is going to be fun.

Want to Improve Golf Swing Techniques Easily?

One of the easiest ways to improve golf swing techniques is to have someone who understands the game to watch your swing. For most people this ends up being a golf instructor. Whoever it is, have them watch you for a bit until they see clearly what it is that you need to improve on. Once you have determined this, you will know what to focus on during your practice sessions. You will be able work on changing what you need to change and leaving the other things alone.

Kerr Looking Forward to Retain Perfection at Women’s Open

Cristie Kerr is not looking to improve her standards, but she made it clear that she is looking forward to retain her stature of perfectionist in the upcoming US Open women’s championship to be held at Oakmont Country Club. At Locust Valley two weeks ago, she showed a dominating and a strong win by 12 shots, which brought back memories of Tiger Woods win of 15 shots in the year 2000 at US Open.

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Davis Frivolous Nature Over US Women’s Open

The USGA’s senior director of rules and competitions was frivolous during the press conference held on Christmas Eve at Oakmont country club. Though the mercury reached below 90’s but to Davis it was perfect time for holding the championship.

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Educate Yourself on How to Host a Golf Event Successfully

Man is a social animal and social gatherings and get-togethers strengthen our social bonds. You can organize for an informal golf event, where you can encourage the players to participate in the game of golf while interacting with each other exchanging pleasantries. Read on and you can learn the basics of hosting a golf event.

Golf GPS and Golf Laser Range Finders

It is well documented that the professional golfers and their caddies use both Golf GPS and Laser Range Finders. Obviously this is not allowed in Tournament Golf, but there is nothing stopping them from going out on their tournament course prior to the actual tournament, and they do.

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How to Hit Longer Drives From the Tee

Driving the ball further off the tee is probably one of the areas most golfers wish they could accomplish. If the truth was known, anyone can drive the ball further with some simple changes. Here are some tips that will work for almost any golfer to see longer drives off the tee.

Getting Cheaper Games of Golf

Whilst it isn’t nearly as elitist as it used to be golf is still considered a more prestigious sport despite more and more men, women and even children enjoy an occasional round of golf. This judgement seems to be made on the idea that golf is still quite expensive when compared to other sports.

Enjoying a Round of Golf With Friends

Golf is a sport that has become more and more popular in recent years, these days it isn’t uncommon to see both young and old, men and women on the course enjoying a round of golf especially as we enter the summer period where it is hoped the weather can help to encourage more people to take up the sport even if it is only a few games on the weekend. Despite the game of golf being an individual sport it is normally played between two or more people in competition with each other. The friendly competition can add…

Take Care Of Your Golf Clubs Off the Course and They’ll Take Care Of You on the Course

Our golf clubs are expensive as far as sports equipment goes, with the cost of some higher end golf clubs costing well above £100 for just one club you will no doubt want to make sure that you get a great performance out of the club and that they last you a long time. Some golfers may have simply thrown their clubs in their car boot leaving them free to roll around and get damaged by anything being piled on top of them.


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