Choosing the Right Golf Clothes For You

golf clothes

Golf clothes are an essential part of playing the game. Whether you are just starting out or a pro, wearing the right clothes can make a huge difference to your performance. Choosing the right golf clothes for you is important, not just for looking good on the course but also for your comfort and ease when you are playing.

A classic polo shirt is an essential part of any well-rounded golf wardrobe. Look for a breathable cotton-blend pique that’s designed with preppy striping at the collar and sleeves. You’ll find a classic style in perennial favorites like Bogner and Lacoste, but it’s also fun to go bold with color and print.

It’s a golfing tradition to wear collared shirts with long or short sleeves, but some courses will allow you to wear a v-neck or turtleneck as well. These types of shirts are often more comfortable for women than a regular collared shirt.

Many of the top golfing brands are known for their high-performance shirts and jackets that are made to improve your golfing game, without breaking the bank. Brands such as Nike and Under Armour offer shirts that are lightweight and breathable and feature moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry while on the course.

You’ll also want to find pants and shorts that are made from a fabric that breathes and doesn’t restrict your movement, while still giving you the ability to move freely on the course. Choose bottoms that have deep pockets that are big enough to hold balls, tees, and markers. Some pants and shorts even have pockets to store divot repair tools.

When it comes to accessories, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white sneakers or a bucket hat that’s got a little bit of a fun print. Other options include club bags, golf gloves, and other items that are specific to the game of golf.

Another option is to curate a collection of casual pieces that you can wear outside of the course and on more casual events. Companies like Linksoul and Random Golf Club have some great options that are perfect for those who love to relax while out on the course or in a more casual setting.

It’s always a good idea to layer your outfit for the season when the weather is changeable, and you can wear a light sweater to add warmth during your round. Try a soft air golf sweater from Bonobos, which is machine-washable and won’t wrinkle easily.

Alternatively, you could opt for a fleece vest or quarter-zip. These are lightweight and breathable, and they are easy to layer with your other golfing gear.

If you’re feeling extra-cautious, you can also wear a raincoat or umbrella on the course. These pieces are also incredibly comfortable and come in a wide range of colors to match your golf attire.

It’s never too early to break away from the past and look for a dress code that fits your personal style. The dress code isn’t imposed to limit you, it’s a way for you to show respect for the sport and other players on the course. It’s also an opportunity to feel comfortable and confident while you’re on the course and play your best.

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