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Getting the Mental Edge in Golf

Golf is 90% mental and golfers can have the mental edge over others just by training the mind to do exactly what you ask it. Staying Positive and getting out of your way can help you play beyond your normal game.

What Do You Know About US Golf History?

Golf history is very old and it’s started in mid of 14th century. If you want to know about US golf history this article will give you detail knowledge about US golf history.

Health Benefits In Golfing

The game of golf is no longer for the retired or elite group of people. Golfing is a sport with great health benefits that anyone could start at the age of three and continue into the golden years or until you decided not to walk anymore.

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How Can I Improve My Golf Swing? Eliminate Your Swing Problems

If you’re wondering ‘how can I improve my golf swing?’ then you really need to take a look at some of the issues that you’re having with your swing. You really want to ask your self a few questions; what problems do you encounter from your swing? Do you slice the ball? Do you shank your shots? Or are you just not getting the desired results from your swing i.e. your shots aren’t landing on target or you’re not getting enough distance from your swing.

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Before You Hit That Golf Shot, Think!

Recently I played with three other players who should have shot at least four strokes better than they did. And that was only for nine holes. The only reason was, that they weren’t thinking.

Improve Your Chipping and Improve Your Whole Game

Can you improve the whole of your golf game by working on just one area? Actually, yes you can!!! Find out how to improve the whole of your golf game by working on one element of golf. One area that is easy to practice and see results quickly.

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Beat the Birdie Blues – How to Create a Winning Mindset for Golf

Having the correct mindset whilst playing golf can be the hidden key to improving your golf. How to think about your golf and take the pressure off yourself and improve your score.

Alignment Is the Key

Many problems in life come from forgetting the basics, and many golfers I know, actually swing the club well but score poorly. How to get back to basics and how one small correction can shave shots off your score. Learn how to break 80. Golf is an easy game when you know how. My aim in these articles is to help golfers achieve their potential and have fun out on the course. Golf is great fun, but its even more fun when you play well.

It’s Hip to Be Square

Getting your alignment right is about as fundamental as it gets in golf. Slight changes or errors in your set-up can have a big impact on where your ball finishes. So what we need to do is find a repeatable way to get 3 factors into alignment.

Make a Full Swing on Short Shots

If you have trouble with your pitch shots and want to build accuracy and consistency, have a read of this article. Many other teachers will tell you to play high risk shots that are hard to control. Try this simple to learn strategy and watch the improvement.


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