Caledonia Golf & Fish Club in Pawleys Island, S.C.

The Callaway Drivers – Longer Golf Drives With Callaway Drivers

When you ask many golf fans about the best drivers in golf, the answer is usually Callaway drivers. Callaway offers many versions of their popular drivers and depending on which model you are comfortable with, your in good hands because Callaway is not only a trusted golf company but it puts a very affordable product into golfers’ hands.

Equipment Check-Up

Before your clubs go into hibernation it is a good time to give them an annual MOT. Even if your are one of the brave types who keep on playing regardless of the weather it is still a good idea to check your equipment.

Some of the Best Golf Tips to Bear in Mind

A beginner interested in understanding the golf game, has to be someone with a flexible mind and adequate agility to grasp and incorporate new and better ideas into the game. But in order to achieve better results during and after your training sessions, you have to have some of the best golf tips right at your finger tips. First of all, you have to have immense balance that is normally encrypted in most swinging hits.

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Proper Golf Stance and Body Position

The proper golf stance refers to how one places their feet, body, and club as they prepare to make that swing or tee. A golf stance not only ensures that one gets the perfect shot but also ensures that one is not injured during the swing.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Making a Perfect Swing

Golf is a unique game that is very simple in nature. In fact, it is unique because of its setting and nature.

3 Top Golf Swing Instructions That Pro Golfers Never Reveal to the Public

There are many golfers out there suffering from playing bad golf game mainly because of adopting wrong golf swing instructions. By adopting poor and instruction will only lead them to a poor golf swing system which only resulting in problem such as slices, hooks, tops, chunks and whiffs.

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Galvin Green Windstopper Technology Makes Playing in the Wind a Breeze

There’s some sort of majestic beauty to the golf course when the flag is almost being blown out of the hole and the tree tops are touching the ground. I’m talking about the windy days, and not just wind, but wind that goes straight trough your clothing and venomously sucks all the warmth from your body. Its cold, your playing poorly and you think your hands just shattered due to the thinned shot two holes before. One way to enjoy this weather and live to tell the tale is to use one of Galvin’s least talked about technologies, but the feedback I get from Windstopper wearers is one of real appreciation.

Learning the Biomechanics of Golf

Different people have different body structures. For each motion produced by a muscle in a certain direction, there is another muscle of the same mass that produces motion in another direction.

Simple Golf Tips For Beginners

Golf is a game that requires patience, perseverance, and discipline. This is because one must be able to learn how to choose the right ball and the right clubs to use, how to grip the club and position the body as one prepares to take the shot.

Left Hand Golf Swing is the Best Option For You

Golf has always favored the right handed persons as opposed to the rest. This therefore does not mean that a left handed person cannot enjoy their precious time playing golf.


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