Burning Ridge Golf Club – 14 Minutes/15 Years Old

Galvin Green Golf Clothing – Keeping You Warm and Dry

After the terrible winter we in the UK have faced in recent months, it might seem that golf is out for the time being. Courses, however, are still open for play (else they risk losing out on revenue). There is still demand for golf courses to stay open when possible in the winter months.

2010 Titleist AP1 and AP2 Golf Irons

Titleist have just released their highly anticipated 2010 Advanced Performance (AP) golf irons, the AP1 and AP2. These golf irons have been created to satisfy the needs of the golfer who wants both feel and performance from their clubs.

How to Get That Perfect Golf Swing

Golf is one of the most technical sports and it requires a lot of patience and practice in the part of the player. So in order to chase that perfect golf swing, you should master it by heart and practice with diligence.

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Mental Golf – It Pays to Rehearse

Mental rehearsal is one of the most widely used mental techniques for improving sports performance. As the name implies, mental rehearsal is a process during which an athlete imagines a desired series of events and then replays, or rehearses, them in his mind until they become the most likely outcome.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Discover 3 Drills That Stops Going Over the Top Golf Swing Immediately

Do you find yourself struggling with over the top problem in during golf swing? Are you looking for ways to stop over the top golf swing to perfect your golf swing?

Best Golf Training Aids Make You a Better Golfer

When you think about various golf training products, you come across numerous options to choose from. All that you need to know is what you really want and why have you decided to buy these products. The best golf training aids help the golfer so that he could putt in a better way.

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Pro Golf Training Aid by Selecting the Best Trainer

It is no doubt that Golf has gradually become one of the leading game of the elites and golf enthusiasts. And as the popularity is still growing, many training centres and online help centres are thriving. Due to which one can easily resort to online help of blogs, forum and other helpful websites.

Perfect Your Golf Swing Using Positive Distraction

Golf is a sport that is very mental and requires coordination and rhythm. My method of teaching golf is to concentrate on the rhythm of the swing. I call this “Positive Distraction.”

Improve Your Golf Game Using Guided Imagery in Just 7 Easy Steps

In a game where a single stroke can mean the difference between winning and losing, golfers are always looking for anything that will give them an edge over their competitors. If you are a golfer who wants to slash a few strokes from your game, improve your confidence, develop a deeper sense of relaxation, and have more fun playing golf, then you should give guided imagery a try. You will be amazed how quickly you’ll see and feel the difference.

Equipment You’ll Need to Play Golf

Like all other sports, golf requires that you are oriented correctly to be ready to play the game correctly. For starters, the basic golf equipment is a golf ball. The golf balls are dimpled tiny balls, those are the ones used for this sport.


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