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Club Fitting at a Pro Golf Shop – Is it Really That Important?

The golf club is perhaps the most important equipment a golf player, especially a professional one, uses while out on the course. The wrong type of club can cost you a game, so if you really want to take your playing skills to the next level, then your best option is to get a club fitting at your nearest pro golf shop.

What Can Be Done to Improve Golf Swing Technique?

John was frustrated at his golf swing because he had adopted some bad habits throughout the years and they were really messing with his game. He knew he had to do something about it but was unsure who to ask about it, and if there was anything that could be done for his individual problems.

How Can Step by Step Golf Swing Fundamentals Help My Technique?

If you have been putting off getting some help with your golf technique and you think you can fix the problems on your own then you are fooling yourself. I know that sounds brutal but I think we both need to be honest here. The reason you have the problems is because you haven’t got the know-how to remedy ever developing them, let alone fixing the damage you’ve done.

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What Are the Basics of Golf Swing Mechanics?

Bruce was feeling a little on the rusty side after the long cold winter away from the golf course. He hadn’t bothered to keep in shape during the cooler months and when he first stepped on to the fairway, it was like it was his first game all over again. It seems that the cold weather had taken with it his confidence in his golf swing.

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How Do You Choose the Best Golf Training Course For You?

Ever heard the saying; the minute you think you know it all is the moment you realise you know nothing? This is so very true when it comes to golf training. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, every golfer could do with some improvement on their game. Alex is a friend of mine and was in need of some help with his drive, putting and etiquette on the course.

What is the Best Golf Training Program For Me?

The first thing you should assess when looking at the different golf training programs that are available today, is your skill level. It shouldn’t matter what your handicap is, there is a product that will suit the very beginners who have only had a game or two all the way through to the more seasoned pro who is refining their technique.

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Watching a Pro Golf Tournament

If you are fond of watching PGA events on television, but have not actually been to a live pro golf tournament yet, then you must know that the excitement you feel when watching golfers play on TV is nothing compared to when you are watching them play live. Watching a pro golf tournament on TV one day, you probably have thought to yourself that you just as easily can hit the ball with the same accuracy and power as those professionals. However, you must realize that games look way lot easier on television than in real life.

How Can Your Golf Swing Technique Be Improved?

Recently, Sam has noticed that his golf game has been slipping from what it used to be. Nothing he is doing really has changed as opposed to when he first started. He has been trying to find ways to improve his golf swing technique and has just been really frustrated. While he knows he needs to improve in areas, he is having trouble deciding where to start or where to go to get tips and tricks.

How Does a Golf Training Guide Work?

While Adam was good at his golf game, he noticed ways that he wanted to improve on it. He looked into a golf training guide and learned a few tips and tricks to apply to his game and he was motivated to improve not only his drive, but his putt and chipping.

Pro Golf Clubs – The Course and Equipment For the Professional Golfer

If you have been a golf enthusiast for quite some time, and perhaps even played in amateur or professional golf tournaments, then you may already know that there are strict rules and regulations on the use of golf equipment during tournaments that all players need to adhere to. Players who sign up to join a golf event have to make sure that their equipment meet specifications set by the organizing committee. Many may not know it, but there are few types of pro golf clubs and balls that can be used in tournaments.


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