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Why Putting Alignment Can Improve Consistency!

If you are having problems with your putting consistency then your solution may be as simple as correcting your putting alignment. Find out the easiest way to solve your golf putting alignment issues.

How to Play Golf on the Snow

The Chivas Snow Golf Championship was split into four categories which cover all the performance levels. Every year, the circuit is established a few days before the beginning of the tournament, this tournament being supported from a financial point of view by a lot of people. This tournament includes nine holes.

Golf – Growing Popularity of Golf Among Gujaratis

Golf and business go hand-in-hand. Little wonder, Ahmedabad, the business capital of Gujarat is fast emerging as the golf capital of India.

The Foundation of a Good Golf Swing

Are your feet too wide or too close together when making a golf swing? Find out how this common problem may be affecting your golf and how to fix the problem.

Sonocaddie V100 Review

Take a look at the Sonocaddie V100, if you’re looking for a golf GPS that’s not going to break the bank, but which will give you the information you need. The Sonocaddie V100 might look like a budget golf GPS, but it’s really not. Alright, alright! It doesn’t have the fancy graphics of a Callaway uPro or a Garmin Approach. But it still probably has all the technology you need, if you don’t need to actually “see” the course ahead of you as you play.

Should You Spend Money on a Golf Swing Training Aid?

Joe is one of those guys who likes to buy every golf swing training aid that he sees in the store. He loves shopping for golf stuff both online and in the stores, and when he finds something that he thinks will help his game, then he just goes and buys it.

Can You Get Quality Golf Swing Training Information Online?

Because I hadn’t played golf in a while, I wanted a little golf swing training information before I headed out on the course with the boys. I had spent a lot of time watching golf on television, and although I remembered how to play the game and understood all of the theory, I was way out of practice.

Will Golf Fitness Training Techniques Help Me?

My cousin Jackson had stopped playing golf for quite a long time because he was building his business and his family, and when he heard I had started playing regularly, he wanted to start playing again with me. But since he was not in good shape and certainly out of golf shape, he wanted to know what he should do to prepare for our first round of golf.

Which Golf Training Course Is Best for a Beginner?

Pat was new to golf, and although he was a pretty good athlete, he had never swung a golf club before. I suggested that he take a golf training course in order to get in shape and learn how to swing the club correctly, but he wanted me to teach him.

Where Can You Buy Affordable Golf Training Equipment?

All golfers buy more than their fair share of golf training equipment, and it can be an expensive hobby. If you go into any golf superstore or a sporting goods store, you will find a wide array of golf swing training aids that claim to fix any problem that you might have with your game.

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