babybird golf | 100% Cabretta Leather Golf Glove | Neutral Grip Training Aid | Babybird Basic White/Black

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The babybird golf glove is a fashion statement and a neutral grip training aid. We like to think of our babybird gloves as hand lingerie for golfers. Our 100% cabretta leather golf gloves are designed for new and amateur golfers that want to both look awesome and hit the ball straighter with a neutral grip.
Neutral Grip Training Aid: Every babybird golf glove is equipped with markings to hit the ball straighter with a neutral grip. Just follow 3 simple steps! PALM: place the club within the PURE guide block. KNUCKLES: look at your knuckles – you should only see the ones marked by X’s. THUMB: aim the arrow on the thumb towards the opposite shoulder.
100% Cabretta Leather: Get synthetic material out of your golf game! Our high quality cabretta leather is the go-to for PGA golfers to enhance grip and feel of the club. Not often you find a material that balances softness, breathability, and durability.
List Price: $18.00

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