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Golf Fashion Trends For 2010

Golf is no longer a male dominated sport. That’s something to be thankful for, as golf pants have had a long standing tacky reputation over the years. As more women discover the enjoyment of golf, the fashions of the sport are revolutionizing golf attire on the green. Women like to look good when they’re on the country club green. Fashion has never been more important before to the game of golf.

Ladies Golf Shoes – Setting a New Trend in Golfing

For the past couple of years, dressing up in golf has really picked up. In the past all it took was a shirt, some pants and good pair of shoes. Nowadays, you have to look good as well.

Tips to Traveling With Your Clubs

Considering the hassle of hauling them around the airport, the extra charge to check them as your one piece of baggage, and the essential risk it involves, traveling with golf clubs can be a daunting task. Still, they’re your clubs, and you simply won’t be able to play your best with someone else’s. Plus, travelling offers some of the best golf opportunities. You have the chance to play on the esteemed courses of the pros, which is quite a relief if you’re tired of the same old country club course.

You Need a Pre-Shot Routine

One way to add consistency to tour golf game, is to develop a pre-shot routine. This is something that few golfers do.

Golf Instruction Tip – 2 Tips to Hitting Better Approach Shots

Are you missing the green on a regular basis? The problem is because you are not hitting good approach shots. Follow the tips in this article to master the approach shot.

Cure Your Slice in Minutes Guaranteed

If you’re slicing and you think you’re doing something wrong, don’t worry. You’re not. It’s natural to slice. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many golfers who do it! To cure yourself of slicing, there are no mistakes to correct.

Golf Instruction Tip – Save Strokes on the Greens

I just hit a perfect approach shot. Sitting just 6 feet from the hole for birdie. The good news is that I am putting, the bad news is that I am putting.

How to Put an Insane Amount of Backspin on the Golf Ball

OK, you hear this a lot, hit down on the ball and it will create backspin. Am I right? Well what if you don’t know what they mean by that? Ill give you my pointers on how I generate spin. Maybe it will help you just as it does me.

Five Must-Play Golf Courses

The seasoned golfer is always on the hunt for the best of the best when it comes to new and exciting golf courses that are making waves in the industry. Here are five must-play golf courses in the United States.

What Are Golf Rangefinders?

Golf rangefinders are quickly becoming a necessary accessory that all golfers whether you be the eternal rookie or the top level professional player need. As every golfer knows they would like to shave a few strokes of their handicap. Well using a golf rangefinder is one of the best ways of going about just that.

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