AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Professional Weather Station with LCD Display and Lightning Detection

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Monitoring conditions indoor and outdoor has never been more accessible with the AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Weather Station. The professional weather station tracks a comprehensive list of weather data, including lightning strikes within 25 miles, temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius), humidity (percent RH), Wind Speed (mph, kmh or knots), wind direction (with a 16-point wind rose), barometric pressure, heat index, wind chill, dew point, daily and all-time high and low records, as well as the time and date (month/day). The weather ticker on display streams real-time information and alerts for weather conditions. The home weather station’s color display features auto-dimming brightness, has a convenient tabletop stand, and can be mounted to any wall. It records historical data, including current, weekly, monthly, and yearly lightning strike counts (miles or kilometers), average wind Speed (at 1, 2, 5, 10, and 15-minute intervals) as well as historical rainfall records (inches or millimeters) for the previous 48 hours, seven days, month, and year. A Weather Center to Monitor Accurate Weather Conditions, Anywhere: This personal weather station allows you to monitor weather conditions in the home, garden, RV park, or any precise location. Enjoy the benefits of an anemometer, rain gauge, wind vane, hygrometer, and thermometer all in one wireless device. Many customers enjoy utilizing this home weather station as a wireless forecast station due to its reliable forecasting technology. Using the built-in weather barometer, the weather station takes 4,000 readings at 12-minute increments to calculate a running average and compute the barometric pressure for your exact location. The pressure accuracy of AcuRite self-calibrating forecasters increases with each new reading over a period of time (Learning Mode). After 14 days, the self-calibrated pressure is reasonably accurate (although the algorithm continues to run; 4,000 readings = 33.33 days) and the weather forecaster is ready for superior weather prediction. The AcuRite 5-in-1 professional weather station with color display and a lightning detector is compatible with up to 2 additional indoor/outdoor sensors (models: 06002, 06044; sold separately) to monitor different locations..
Lightning Detection Weather Station: Provides an estimated distance to lightning-producing storms; lightning strike counter displays running total of lightning strikes detected, plus weekly and monthly totals
The Best Weather Station to View Comprehensive Weather Conditions: With over 50 various points of information in total, monitor pressure trends, the heat index, the dew point, the feels like temperature, a wide array of rainfall and lightning records, and plenty more
Indoor Weather Station Display: Built-in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure gauges for sensing indoor environmental conditions at the display’s location
Weather Forecast: The indoor outdoor weather station includes built-in thermometers & weather instruments to allow patented, self-calibrating technology provide a hyperlocal, personalized weather forecast 12 hours from your current conditions
Weather Clock with Alerts: Illuminated color display with the current time, date, auto-dimming brightness, and programmable notifications make it convenient to read and easily view indoor and outdoor data, time, and conditions from various angles
Weather Ticker: Flashes your real-time weather information and alerts in the lower part of the display screen, taking information from both the indoor display and outdoor weather station
Makes Numerous Best Weather Station Lists: This weather station was named best overall by Better Homes & Gardens, best for inclement weather by GearLab, and 5th best overall by Popular Mechanics Magazine
Perfect Gift Idea: This AcuRite weather station is a unique weather gift that the recipient will use every day, all year long, no matter if received at Christmas, Father’s Day, or on their birthday
Company Based in Lake Geneva, WI, USA, since 1943 and known for superior, long-lasting quality products and USA-based customer service. Ranked as a top weather station brand by USA Today, Better Homes and Gardens, Bob Vila, and other news outlets.
List Price: $149.99

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