9 Holes at Payne Park Disc Golf Course in Sarasota Florida – NEW Course tour in 4k – Beginner Course

The Mental and Physical Side of Developing a Repeatable Golf Swing

Learn the importance of how the mental side of golf controls what you are able to perform on the physical side. You will grow to understand that the forces at work in developing a sound golf swing are much more centered on your emotional and mental approach to the game than your strength, coordination, and athletic ability. Once you have reconciled the mental and physical side of golf you will have a greater understanding why golf is considered the “game of a lifetime.”

Correcting a Golf Slice Made Simple!

Correcting a golf slice is one of the quickest ways you can improve your golf game. It is by far the most common problem suffered by golfers throughout the world. A lot of golfers suffer for years with frustration because they never take the time to understand why they slice the golf ball.

How to Reduce Your Golf Errors

This article looks at the game of golf and examines how we can all improve our consistency by looking at the weak areas in our games and looking how to reduce these errors and faults. Each week I will look at different aspects and help you overcome hooking slicing, course management attitude and concentration.

What’s the Best Handheld Golf GPS?

Although not everyone agrees, I’m going to try to list some good possibilities for the best handheld golf GPS. Read this article to find out more about what’s the best handheld golf GPS, today!

Golf Tips – Putting Those Balls Into the Cup

Putting is 50% of the game of golf and is an important area that most golfers seem to neglect when practicing. This article provides some important putting drills that you can put into practice to save many shots on the green and on the scorecard.

Top 3 Golf GPS’s 2010

There’s a little discussion about what the top golf GPS devices for 2010 are. I guess there’s about five or six contenders. Read this articles to find out what the top golf GPS’s for 2010 are.

Focus on One Aspect at a Time to Improve Your Golf Swing

The full golf swing is a complex physical and bodily movement made up of several fundamentals, each of which can have several aspects. To best improve one’s golf swing, it is important to focus on one element at a time until that element is perfected or becomes an unconscious movement for the golfer.

What’s the Best Golf GPS for 2010?

If you want to know what the best golf GPS for 2010 is, read on! I’ve been researching GPS’s for golf online and come up with the three that are the top sellers over a number of markets. Read this article for more information about the best golf GPS’s for 2010.

Tips to Make a Golf Course in the Backyard

Golf is an outdoor sport. It would be great to carry out during warm months. However, to really master this kind of sport, it needs some regular practices in a week. Thus, it will spend more expense.

Golf Tips For Beginners – Don’t Start Until You Read This

We are all beginners at one point or another, and with being a beginner, one is bound to make mistakes along the way. Golf is a great sport that allows you to be outdoors, socialize with others and provides great exercise. If you’re a beginner to golf, it’s best to get the best golf tips possible so you’ll want to go back to the course again and again.

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