4 Golf Clubs Every Golfer Must Master (GOLF LESSON)

Most amateur golfers do not have the time to practice all 14 golf clubs in their bag, so if you narrow it down to mastering 4 golf clubs, you can start to see big improvements in your golf game and the scores you shoot!

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The first club you need to master is the one you will tee off to start the hole. For most golfers, this is their golf driver, though it could be a fairway wood or hybrid. The important thing is getting the golf ball in play, so find a club that you can use to accomplish this.

Next is one of your middle golf irons. We would recommend using the 7 iron, but a 6 or 8 iron would do. In fact, when you are practicing your golf swing on the range, this would be the club to use. We have done a lot of golf iron tips on our channel, and typically this is the club we use when we demonstrate.

You are also going to want to get a wedge in the rotation, and we suggest a sand wedge. If you aren’t able to do a lot of practicing, if you can use the same wedge for all of your shorter shots, you are going to learn the club a lot faster. Learning how to hit a variety of shots with the same wedge is one of the best golf wedge tips we can give a casual golfer.

Finally, you inevitably want to put the ball in the hole, so you are going to want to learn the putter. Putting accounts for the most strokes in a round for any one club, so getting some practice in with your putter is the quickest way to start shooting lower scores.

Here are some more simple golf putting tips to help you start rolling the rock better:

If you are new to the game of golf and are looking for beginner golf tips, cutting your golf set down to just 4 clubs is going to be one of the simplest golf lessons to learn!

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