4 Awesome Driver Golf Swing Tips

What Are the Most Common Driver Swing Errors?

There are several spots in your golf driver swing that can be causing your slice. So how do you know where you are having the issue? Let’s start with the setup, work into the takeaway up to the top of the back swing, and finish with the transition, and see if our golf tips can help diagnose where the breakdown might occur.

Outside of the swing, there are some other common golf driver mistakes amateur golfers make. Something as simple as ball position or how you position the shoulders could be wreaking unnecessary havoc on your game as well. (Did you know that having level shoulders could be costing you distance?) Definitely worth checking out, but let’s stick with parts of the actual swing for now.

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The Setup

Before you even start your golf swing, you could be setting yourself up for failure. There could be many different reasons, but here are the 3 most common mistakes we see:

Your Stance is Open
Improper Weight/Pressure on the Feet
Trail Arm is Too High

The Takeaway

Out of all the parts of your golf swing, the takeaway is probably the most common place to find your problem. You may have a good setup, but if you start your swing with issues, you are doing a lot of fixing to get back to a proper impact position. So what does a bad takeaway look like?

Well, two things typically happen. First, the hands tend to raise the handle at the start of the takeaway. Then the club head starts working inside and around the body. From here, the club face is wide open, the handle is high, your swing plane is off, and this is just a terrible precursor to a nasty slice.

Top of the Backswing

So you now have a proper setup, you’ve started your golf swing with a proper takeaway, but you still have that slice. What else could it be? Let’s head up to the top of the swing. Now there are some common backswing mistakes golfers make as well, and we have you covered. But for now, let’s continue to focus on the driver slice.

Easily the most common mistake at the top of the swing is amateur golfers trying to make their swing too long. Many amateur golfers equate a longer swing to more distance, but more often the added length just gets the club into a poor position. Usually when this happens, the wrists get into an extension position (see above). The club head drops behind them, opening the face and giving you fits at impact.

The Transition

If you have a good setup and takeaway, and are in a good position at the top, your slice may be coming in the transition from backswing to downswing. This is where we see issues for higher level golfers, especially when trying to generate more swing speed.

Generally what happens is the golfer is pulling on the handle to generate more swing speed. That can help get more speed into the head of the club, but oftentimes it also produces a more open club face in the downswing.

The Fix

If this is the scenario for your swing, simply let the club head work out and away from you. This allows the club to lower instead, keeping a more square club face and maintaining through impact. If you want a good drill, follow the tee drill in the golf glove from earlier in the article, maintaining that flexion in the downswing.

Chances are if you are an average golfer though, nearly 9 times out of 10 it’s a setup or takeaway issue. So start there, and if you still are fighting the driver slice, work into the top of the swing and transition to help you pinpoint the issue.

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