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Playing Your Golf Ball From the Sand

This article discusses what the golfer needs to do when finding they have hit their golf ball into a sand trap. The bunker or sand area can contain sand in any of three states, either hard packed, wet or dry.

Time Spent on Putting

Golf is a game played world wide, and something used as a hobby to do with the family or friends. There are many different tournaments and the ages that play range from the age of normally 12 and up. For the game of golf there are many different clubs, if one is wanting to putt the ball they would use a club called the putter.

How to Hit a Driver Into the Wind – 3 Things to Remember to Hit it Far and Straight Into the Wind

Learning how to hit a driver into the wind is one of the most important skills you can master to maximize your fun on the golf course. It just plain stinks to be on your way to the course and dreading the fact that the wind is blowing! How am I going to score well in this wind?

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How to Buy a Cheap Golf Cart

A golf cart can make your life easier, whether you use it to roll along a golf course, travel through a construction site, or commute at a retirement community. And the good news is that you don’t need to spend all of your life savings on a golf cart and custom golf cart parts.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Golfing Tips For the Best Putter Grip

The way you hold a golf club determines the kind of stroke you’ll make, and the quality. Many golfers pay close attention to how they grip the club before they swing at the ball, but the gripping a putter correctly is just as important.

Golf Swing Drill – Practicing With an Iron

To find a secure and well-balanced swing there exists a golf swing soccer drills speed that can help you achieve that. Given that rhythm and balance are two crucial elements to some golf swing, discovering a golf swing drill to help locate and excellent yours is usually a major aid although playing the game.

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How to Buy a Used Golf Cart

While you may have considered buying a used car or truck, how about a used golf cart? Besides being used on a golf course, golf carts are also popular at places such as campgrounds, construction sites, and retirement homes.

How to Buy Golf Cart Parts

Just like your car or truck, golf carts eventually need repairs. When they’re fixed, you’ll need to purchase golf cart parts (such as custom golf cart parts).

How to Buy a Golf Cart

Are you tired of walking around an off-road area? If so, then you should consider buying a golf cart. Ironically, golf carts aren’t just for golf courses. You can also use them at places such as campgrounds and construction sites.

The Golf Swing Principles That You Should Know

You can find a good deal of golf swing basic principles. On the other hand, one of the most significant one is doing positive that you turned your shoulder properly and that you just are aligned while using the golf ball. Quite a few individuals do not believe that that moving smoothly is one of the really important golf swing basic principles.


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