3 Takeaway Tips to Improve Your Backswing

The Takeaway is a crucial part of your golf swing, because it sets up the rest of the swing. Having a proper takeaway can set you up for success, and these 3 simple tips can help you perfect yours!

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Too often amateur golfers are focused on where they’re at impact, or maybe at the position at the top of their golf swing.  Well today we’re going to focus on the takeaway, the motion rate away from the beginning of the golf swing to about the height of our hips.  

I’m Sam Vosler, Head Golf Instructor for the Sanford Power Golf Academy with our good friends at USGolfTV; today we’re going to discuss three simple things that you can do in your takeaway to improve it so it’s in a good position at the top.Too often we have amateurs that are making a few mistakes at the beginning of their golf swing.  

As you can see here I’ve got a couple alignment sticks that are lined up; first I’ve got one that’s slightly curving a little bit inside.  I’ve also got one down the target line.  We’ve got a Live View Pro here that we’re using a little bit of feedback, and I’ve got an iPad.We’re going to talk about some miscues or some issues that we see in the takeaway with most golfers.

The first issue that we tend to see too much of is usually the hands are going to stay and the club is going to kind of work behind us.  So this is going to cause some some issues that we see as we get to the top of the swing. The tendency again is for the club head to go and the hands to stay and usually this right elbow or trail elbow kind of sneak behind us.

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