3 Swing Tips for Hitting Golf Hybrids

Golf Hybrids are supposed to make shots easier for you, so why do so many amateur golfers struggle with hitting them? This video explores some common misconceptions about hitting hybrids and gives you some easy tips to help you start getting more results out of these versatile golf clubs!

Before anything though, you really should be getting yourself properly fit for a hybrid before putting one in your golf bag. Having the right fit for you hybrids is just as important as being properly fit for your driver.

1. Ball position – Hybrids may look more like a wood, but they are meant to be played like an iron. Too often, golfers try to play them like a wood and end up having issues with consistency, and play the ball too far forward like a wood or driver. So start thinking more about how you approach your irons, which is a good segue into our next tip.

2. Angle of attack – think again about what you are trying to do when hitting your irons. You want that negative angle of attack, and hitting a little down on the ball with your hybrids is actually a good thing!

3. Have a go-to shot – hybrids are supposed to make things easier for you, so actually practice hitting your hybrid! Maybe you have a shorter par 4, could it be used in place of your driver? Understand your tendencies with your hybrid and start using it for more than just an advancing club on longer shots!

Bonus – embrace the versatility of your hybrids! Use it in a fairway bunker, maybe if you struggle around the greens, you can use it for bump and runs, or get a feel for how it plays on tight lies vs rough conditions.

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