3 Steps to a Perfect Golf Setup Posture – Golf Swing Tips

If you are struggling to get into a good golf setup, this 3 step process will help you find the consistency your golf game needs. In fact, a lot of your golf swing is dictated by your golf setup posture, and this 1-2-3 process are the golf tips you need to get yourself in a good golf position.

Ball position, stance width, aim and posture are the four main concepts that come into play with your golf setup. If you are struggling with your contact, you need to work on ball position, if you are hitting the ball to the left or right, you will want to focus on aim. If you are out of balance, you may want to pay attention to stance width in your golf setup.

In this video, we break down a simple 3-step process to help you get a perfect golf setup and posture, whether you are hitting your driver or your irons. There are obviously differences in the two, so we will split them apart to help you navigate the differences. These golf swing basics will have you lowering your golf handicap in no time!

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