3 Golf Shots You Must Learn for Better Course Management

The New Face of the LPGA

What a difference a year makes. It was just a year ago that the LPGA seemed in a shambles. How quick things can turn around. This year has been resurgence in American stars being center stage. As the 2010 golf season winds down the future is looking much brighter for the LPGA.

Columbus Golf Courses for Avid Golfers

Columbus golf courses offer a host of facilities. Apart from an unforgettable private golf experience, these clubs provide a number of facilities for non-golfers. Most of these courses were designed by world-class architects like Robert Trent Jones, Jr., Pete Dye, and Tom Bendelow and offer ultimate luxury to the avid golfers.

Golf Balls Are a Threat for Nature

Scientists warn us that the golf balls golf players lose are a major threat to the environment, given the fact that they can only decompose in over one hundred years. In fact, their natural decomposition can last between one hundred years and one thousand years. Scientists have discovered that golf balls release a large quantity of heavy metals during the decomposition process, including large and dangerous amounts of zinc. These would be the conclusions reached by the Danish Association of Professional Golf.

How To Play Well Under A Golf Match Play Situation?

If you don’t know what match play is, here is a quick idea. It is one player or one team golfing against another player or team. The lower score on each hole by team or person wins the hole.

Don’t Think When You Play Golf

Golf is a complicated game, one that has become very beloved over the last years, but which has also got a lot of more or less positive reactions. Some people have claimed that golf is a sport for those who have loads of money and for businessmen. Apart from the fact that golf represents a very good chance do some exercise, it is also a good chance to socialize with others, many people closing deals when playing golf.

Golf Swing Videos Teach the Perfect Stroke

If you want to win at the game of golf, learning how to precisely swing and how to have complete control over the strike of the ball is extremely important. Unlike many contact sports where physical strength and endurance are key, golf is much more of a mental sport. As a golf player, you need to develop and apply concentration and analysis in search of the perfect swing.

Free Golf Tips – Playing Out of a Sand Trap

It’s inevitable… At some point during a round of golf you will be faced with a shot from a bunker around the green. For the casual golfer this is often one of the shots that you cringe at. If you don’t understand how to play these shots, anything can happen. The truth is though that playing a shot out of the sand around the green is one of the most forgiving in golf. This shot really isn’t that difficult once you learn the basics.

Free Golf Tips – Playing a Plugged Lie in the Bunker

Having a plugged lie in the bunker is one of those shots many amateurs struggle with. Either you end up leaving it in the bunker or you send the ball racing across the green. Well, playing shots from the bunker doesn’t have to be intimidating or frustrating. I found some great free golf tips on how to effectively escape the bunker. Over the next few days, we’ll cover how to play different types of bunker shots.

How to Correctly Use Drills to Improve Your Game

Drills are powerful learning tools when used correctly. When used wrong, they are equally powerful. Use a drill in a sloppy manner and you will learn powerful slop!

Winter Golf

Simply because it is chilly doesn’t mean you can not play golf. Several of my more enjoyable golfing moments came whilst playing cross-country or wintertime golf. I lived in Indiana for about 12 years. For 10 of the years, I lived in West Lafayette, just a hundred and twenty miles from Chicago, IL. For most, a particular golf season ran from April through early October. The sole month I did not enjoy golf was The month of January!

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