2021 Masters Tournament Recap – Podcast #36

Choosing the Right Golf Driver – Your Distance Depends on It

How would you like to tee off every time with the confidence of knowing you’re gonna drive it long and straight? The good news is it’s possible.

Long Drive Golf – Key Secrets to Unbelievably Long Drives

Imagine being able to drive the ball an extra forty or even fifty yards. Is it really possible without buying the most expensive driver?

Can an Online Golf Video Really Help Improve My Swing?

Are you one of the millions trying to improve your golf swing? The truth is, no matter how good we get, we always want to get better. In the age of the internet many people are going online for help with their golf. This raises the question ‘Can an Online Golf Video Really Help’?

How to Improve Your Golf Swing So You Can Hit the Ball Into Orbit!

If you ask any amateur golfer what they would like to improve on, the answer is usually distance. It makes sense if you can hit the ball further than everyone else you stand a good chance of winning. The good news is anyone can improve their swing and increase the distance they can hit the ball.

Improve Golf Game – Top Secret Golf Tips Revealed For the First Time

If you are someone who is keen to improve golf game, then you have reached the right place. You can find some valuable tips in this article, using which you will find quick improvements in your game. Contrary to the popular perception that golf is a game that is played at a leisurely pace and is therefore easy to master, it is a game that requires loads of commitment and hard work.

How to Play Golf All Your Life

To play golf all your life, you need to make adjustments in your golf swing: aim for accuracy rather than distance. For senior golf success, make adjustments in golf fitness exercise, weight training, eye exercise, and changes in lifestyle. These adjustments and changes compensate for the loss of muscle strength, physical endurance, body flexibility, and decline in depth of vision — these factors are critical to playing golf all your life.

The First Part of the Backswing

So, in starting back, you will start to see the reason for everything you have done to this point. The upper body all turns away from the ball at the same time.

The Second Part of the Backswing

For this part of the swing, I wanted to talk about the part in the backswing from the club being about parallel to the ground all the way until the top. This part of the swing is built on momentum.

The Downswing of the Golf Swing

The end of the backswing and the beginning of the downswing are the same thing. That is, they shouldn’t be viewed as two separate things. Instead, view them as a blend.

Impact Position in the Golf Swing

If you get to the top of the backswing, then turn your hips back towards the target without doing anything with your hands, you will be in the correct position to hit from the inside out. Your hands will still be cupped a bit at this point.

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